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. >> i was right there at the window and i saw the big ball of fire. >>reporter: fire like a huge blow tovrp one father and son lost everything. running from flames as fast as they could. the heat searing them with second degree burns. >> it was hot. i got burn here. >> unit came down the hill probably 100 yards from the fire and windshield cracked and they turned. >> cracked rolling up. >> yes. >>reporter: good evening. 27 hours after a fire ball swallowed up the san bruno neighborhood we are getting our first look now at the devastation. foundation with no home. car burned down to its shell. the burn area a shadow of a community that is no more. more on all of this now from lillian live at the scene. >>reporter: we were one of the few news crew escorted a into the neighborhood. our time limited but we were there
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long enough to capture the devastation up close. nren view drive and early avenue ground zero and the ruptured the pipeline started it all. it sits in the middle of the intersection. explosion was apparently so strong it flew out of the ground. investigators have inspected the pipe and 30 foot crater from where it came out of all day. inspectors have been going from home to home. at least what is left of them. some site nothing more than a chimney to indicate where a house once stood. others are still standing. those with little or no damage have been marked with green fliers. many others red tagged deemed uninhabitable. brian is frustrated wants to see the house but emergency officials aren't allowing residents to take a look just jet. >> i don't know why they change their mind but i want to see my house. want to get stuff out. pretty much left last night with nothing. my key wallet and cell phone. that was it. >>reporter: with smoldering
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ruin and crew working in the milt of the street emergency officials have been hesitant letting people back in the area. firefighters say this is among the worst they have seen. jungle gym now nothing more than twisted metal. while the melted headlights of the car showed just how extreme the temperatures were. >> haven't seen anything like this before. it is first for me. >>reporter: the city manager says resident could be allowed back into the neighborhood as early as tomorrow. that is the best case scenario however nothing is guaranteed. resident should check in throughout the day. live in san bruin oshtion abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. neighborhood damage estimates have been dramatically revised downward now. 37 homes are listed as destroyed at this moment. 8 others seriously damaged. dozens more though keep in mind were scarred by the heat and the flames. cause of the explosion is still undetermined tonight. let's go next to lisa who is live in san bruno this evening.
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>>reporter: investigators government officials and of course homeowners want to know how and why this happened. while they figure all that out no one will be allowed back into the affected area. at least not tonight. that is the word from the ntsb as well as the city manager. ntsb now in charge of the investigation. tomorrow 6 more teams of dogs will go into the fire zone. this is now considered a recovery effort. not a rescue mission. still officials insist no resident are missing. there are several reasons why people can not go home tonight. authorities say the streets and buildings are still unstable plus a lot of homes have no utility meaning no pow power, water or gas and on top of everything there is a sewage problem to deal with. there is still a lot of unanswered questions an resident feel caught in the middle. >> also forming a group to look at the human factor aspect all the people who amount the pipeline will be
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looking at the experience, tra experience, training, history, g at the whether they have alcohol and test to drm the condition at the time. >> police are at every intersection on every street to prevent anybody from going in. so we were told if we leave we are not coming back. it could be a couple of days. >>reporter: the red cross just broke down the evacuation center. it was set up right here in the parking lot about 60 people came here today with questions like where to go for a hotel or basic needs. but most came here to see if the loved ones had checked in and were taken to a shelter but as of tonight, there are no shelters that are up and running in this area for this emergency. one to 2 dozen people have been put up in hotels at this hour and also there will be a community meeting for tomorrow that will be for the entire area for anyone that has any more questions that town hall meeting will be at saint
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roberts church at 2:00 p.m. here in sansan bruno, abc 7 new. >> thank you very much lisa. >> sacramento man has been reunited with his 83-year-old mother and sister. one has broken arm. other suffering from smoke inhalation but otherwise being. still at least 100 people have been displaced by the san bruno disaster. that part of the story tonight from heather. >>reporter: maxine had to run out of her oh, us with only her purse. >> heat was so intense. i mean then the noise. it was just you know it was just helpless. the. >>reporter: help is coming now. piles and piles of donations. so much they are turning it away. but baby bottles and cash are still needed. these south san francisco contractors brought a check for 1,000 dollars. and safeway is giving 25,000. >> we feel very strongly that this is our community. these are our friends. our naichbilitys our customers.
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we want to give back. >>reporter: but money can not buy what the she needs to find her 80-year-old grandmother whose house was right next to the explosion. house is gone. she's looked everywhere for her grandma. >> bay hill. recreation center, checked red cross on line. the hospital. called them all. >>reporter: talked to the fire department at all. >> i talked to 5 different police officers. >>reporter: 2 aunt and uncle were also in the house severely burned when they tried to leave. answer now in induced coma in jeopardy of losinging their extreme. >> uncle is conscience but doesn't know what happened to the grandma. >> he can't really remember anything because it happened so fast. it was right in the back. >>reporter: the mayor told evacuatione that fire officials are still vary faiing the time report on home loss and damage and it could be two days before they get to go back in. >> i want them to know that i'm alive and don't kick my door down. and i want, if i
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can, get back and get my purse and get my medicine but so far they don't let us in. that's what above the east me. >> when we walk our dog everybody, we see other neighbors and so it is going to be very hard to see the devastation. >>reporter: variety of peninsula lion club groups are running the food operation and tonight they plan to feed anyone who comes by not just people related to the explosion and fire. as for other donation specifically for the san bruno disaster, we are being told that they have more than enough the please save your donation for another needy group. in san bruno, bruno, abc 7 news. and sad update to heather's story. they found her grandmother's body late today during a search of the property. no details beyond that. just after a natural disas disaster, earthquake, tornado, e who left the homes in a hurry are now anxious to get back in to see what if anything is
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left. many will get devastating news. some will not. that story from vl vick lee. >> roof was already smoking. >>reporter: walter showed me the image he shot on his i-phone just before he decided to run. explosion happened blocks from the home. houses across the street were already burning. >> just a boom. i fell to the ground and i looked out my window. big white flash. >>reporter: he kept shooting as he looked frantically for his dog. the flames were getting closer. >> i couldn't open my sliding door because it was just so hot and i could see the paint from my deck the already bubbling from the heat. everybody was panicking and running down the street. >>reporter: he has been in danger way before. he's a navy reservist who has been to afghanistan. >> we have had mortar attack on the base and nothing like this explosion. literally knocked me to the ground. >>reporter: he finally found his dog. put him in the car and drove quickly to safety.
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>> house started rattling and i called for my younger daughter and we started running to the middle of the house because i was afraid the window would burst. i thought it was the big earthquake coming. she was filling out forms verifying that she and her family were okay. but she like if walter barely made it out of her home. >> when you open the front door you just felt the heat and you could see the flames coming over the top of the house and there was this noise. i can't even describe the noise. >>reporter: like many others mary was eager to see if her home is still standing. her husband thinks he got a look at it using binocular. but also pressing on her mind are loved ones who are missing. >> we are looking for some friends and neighbors. >>reporter: you are afraid they may be gone. >> i don't know yet. i'm hoping ailt is is miscommunication that's all. >>reporter: well as they say sometimes things just happen. vick lee, abc 7 news.
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sometimes. left behind in the fire. more to get to here tonight coming up at finance:00. care and shelter for the pets caught in the chaos at the san bruno fire. dan reports tonight on the pipeline that crisscross our neighborhood and what pg&e is supposed to be doing to keep us safe. >> accu-weather forecast center. weekend visit and how high the temperatures will rise in the accu-weather 7 day rise in the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming >> as we approach tomorrow anniversary in their own words children born after the 9/11 children born after the 9/11 terror attacks. reminder
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so. >> some folks say they had been smelling gas long before the explosion in san bruno. >> about a week ago it smelled like gas. >> tonight we ask pg&e about the concerns. >> there are a lot of reports that people smelled gas or offensive smell for some time. you know i have heard that but of course now that the the ntsb is here i can't comment on. that that's an as pest of the investigation. >>reporter: well tonight pg&e says it has insurance and it would cover nearly 1 billion dollars in damages caused by the natural gas line explosion. we expect to learn the official custom. in the mean time help for rest didn't is on the way. government is sending insurance adjust terse and officials from fema federal emergency management agency. >> fema we are going to have fema assessor's here on monday to start assessing the damage and uninsured loss to both individuals and public infrastructure. >> grant announced today from fema will help cover the cost of fighting the the fire which burned for hours so intensely.
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firefighters were simply unable to douse the flames of this massive gas fueled fire we have the report on the trouble they encountered. >> i have been in the service for 31 years and never seen anything like this. >> san bruno fire chief says as soon as firefighters arrived on scene the first steps were to good door to door and save lives and try to control this out of control gas fire. >> we fate natural gas fires all the time but not with a 30 inch main line. these flames lines were probably 70 feet in the air and there was tremendous amount of heat. >>reporter: make matters worst water was scarce. natural gas explosion ruptured a water main shutting off water to many of the fire hydrant in the neighborhood. it took about 30 minutes to reroute the water main. in the mean tame firefighters went searching for the nearest working hydrant few thousand feet away. >> we loaded the hose on our shoulders. pulled the hose down. through back yard. kicked through several fences. it wasn't just us. we had
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help from the public. help from pd. >>reporter: the scene was similar to the earthquake in october 1989 when the quake ruptured a water main in the marina district of san francisco firefighters police and resident team up to lay down thousands of feet of hose line to get water from the bay to the homes engulfed in flames as it did then the san bruno fire chief says the delay cost them precious time. he can't say if it caused more homes to burn but will say firefighters did the best they could to save homes and save lives. in san bruno resident agree. >> i think they did a fantastic jochbility i really do. i have lived here 46 years. never seen any community come together like this before. >> i saw a lot of police cars and ambulances and fire trucks so i think that it was pretty good. >>reporter: we were one of the only tv station to interview one of the 4 firefighters injured in the fire captain jeff whittaker
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who you saw in my piece. he said they all suffered smoke inhalation and all recovering now and expected to make a full recovery. in san bruno, abc 7 news. well in the frenzy to evacuate some people had to leave the beloved pets haind. today workers for the peninsula humane society in san mateo went door to door and recovered between 16 and 20 animals. the owners know that they are there and have been claiming them throughout the day. but huh main society is prepared to care for the pets until the owners find housing that is pet friendly. thankfully the little guys survived this terrible tragedy. and pg&e today made a 1 million dollar contribution to assist the kind of charity groups that are helping out in san bruno. wells fargo gave 50,000 dollars to the red cross. if you want to help here is the local red cross phone no. 1 8 8 8-4 435 7 2 2. there is an e-mail link too if you prefer to use it on our web site. salvation army is
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accepting contributions as well. their no. 1 800 sal army. they have several drop-off sites as well. and you can find them on our web site. 7 under see it on tv. so many of you have called e mailed wondered what to do and certainly can help the folks in san bruno begin the process of recovering from the tragedy. >> we leave this coverage for the moment and move next to the weather forecast and weekend has arrived and spencer christian is here and spencer gorgeous day today. >> gorgeous day. not only the weekend arrived but warm weather arrives in advance. warm day today and at this hour mild in the inland area. 72 in apartment i don't care and concord. 0upper 60's and 59 here in san francisco. to the highlights we see patches of coastal dense fog tonight but not wide spread fog. warm sunny days lie ahead with a little bit cooler weather next week and nice please apartment follow the the forecast animation and time line we see fog rebuilding along the coast
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over nature tonight and it will deepen a bit. rather shallow throughout the day but inland area will remain mostly clear and it will be that way tomorrow mostly sunny and a little bit of fog along the coast. overnight tonight and low pressure in the upper 40's in the north bay. santa rosa and napa but mainly low to mid 50's over the remainder of the bay area and tomorrow we have a spectacular day coming our way. look at the satellite image you see the jet stream lifted well to our north with a large area of high pressure dominating our weather picture to bring us sunny skies and warm day ahead and tomorrow is one of them. in the south bay sunny skies with high pressure in the mid to upper 80's. 86 at san jose. 87 will be the high in campbell. 88 saratoga and 89 los gatos on the peninsula low to mid 80's. 83 redwood city mount view mid 60's on the coast. pacifica and a half moon bay. it will be beach weather downtown san francisco high of 75 tomorrow 66 in the sun set district lot of warmth in the north bay from 82 at san rafael to 86 at
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santa rosa to 89 up in ukiah. nearest bay will see upper 70's to low 80's. 80 degrees at san leandro. 82 in union city and over the hells into the inland valley look for upper 70's, upper 80's rather to low 90's we see high of 90 in antioch. 81 at brentwood and monterey bay look at the high. 82 santa cruz. 81 watsonville. 71 at monterey and inland 88 at morgan hill. 90 at gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast after a spectacular sunny summer like weekend we see high pressure just tapering off a little bit on monday upper 80's inland and mid 70's around the bay. 60 on the coast. and graduate cooling but not anything very dramatic or severe by the end of the week inland high and low 80's and still very pleasant week ahead and sunny dry summer like and enjoy it news because the summer is winding down. >> where did it go. it went fast. >> didn't have much of it. >> thanks very much spencer. >> moving on. coming up next. look at the long road ahead
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to recovery 8 people listed in critical condition. major advance being made in the treatment of burn victims. local doctor shows how skin is now being regenerated. fascinating process we explain that to you. >> also spilled secret what the pentagon is doing to make sure no one reads a spy book just published and already clili
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toet california working again. >> more people caught in the san bruno fire are at the burn center in san francisco. it's the city only burn center and best equipped to handle these serious injuries. >> all patient in critical condition. 3 patients burned over 50% of the beds and
9:23 pm
another person has 40 percent burn. >> frightening and certainly traumatic for the 4 people and their families. victims are in for a very long and difficult recovery. problems are just so complex. >> first phase is resues take iting the patient. interest b the patient. make sure they are stable. next phase removing the tissue which takes a few days then the next and final phase is putting autograph on taking the skin from one part of the bed and putting it on the burned areas. >> burns are still so difficult to treat but advance ins technology are giving doctors new ways to help these painful injuries heal. >> doctor at burn center in san francisco made major advances in replacing the damage skin of burn victims. >> whereas before we use cadaver skin or pig skin to place all over these wounds which would last for 7 to continue days. >>reporter: dr. scott hanson an assistant professor of
9:24 pm
reconstructive surgery and he said surge on turn to new generation of materials. sometimes referred to as artificial skin. these sheets are laced with collagen and growth factor. once in place they provide a kind of biological scaffolding for the patient's own body. >> empty lattice structure that cell from the patient we can lay this over top on the burn wound itself and cell from the patient grow in the lattice and take resident there and help the wound heal. >>reporter: once the blood vessel and base layer of the skin begin growing back doctors often culture sample of the patient own skin cell which are sent to specialized labs to create the top layer. >> then grow the cells, the major cell in the skin, grow them out in layers then come back to place over the patient. >>reporter: skin graft are cultured from the patient own cell. they have a greater chance of growing into healthy skin without triggering
9:25 pm
rejection. and giving patients far better odds for recovery. >> some really tremendous advances these days. several research center are working on a parallel technique. first cultivating a burn about stem cell and then placeing in scaffolding to trigger skin growth directly in the area of the wound. >> well the victims will need a lot of blood. blood thinner say that local hospital had enough blood right now because of the overwhelming response from the community. >> help somebody either burn victim that went to sf general or other victims in the fire. >> about from the news for the san bruno fire and all the other stuff. >> watching it all morning last nature and do what i could to help. >> we all feel so badly for those who were hurt and lost their homes and want to do something 0so people roll up their sleeves and give blood. >>reporter: blood center will need the universal donor. o-tive blood type in the day
9:26 pm
ahead and cover the additional surgery and asking people to wait until next week to donate because more will be needed by then probably. >> all right. when we continue through tonight you hear from experts on the safety of big gas line running underneath bay area neighborhood maybe uvrments insurance agent jump into action. you see how theory responding to san bruno tragedy. >> man who risked his life to save another. tonight soldier bravery merits a rare honor. >> plus everyone knows there are certain things that you do not do during a storm but who knew the list included ironing? heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepowernd torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that'over 10 tons. and a braking system to bring it all to stop.
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úp p@ he just can't deliver the results >> good evening once again. thanks for being here. we begin this half hour by recapping san bruno fire and what we know. at least 4 people are dead and 52 others injured including 8 still in critical condition. authority say 37 homes were destroyed and 8 others were seriously damaged. they revised the numbers from last night downward after the smoke cleared and day break brought a clearer pick. total of 15 acres were burned in the crest moore neighborhood. as terrifying tragedy might make you wonder what is buried below ground in your neighborhood. is there a giant gas pipeline near your home. what is the danger if there is? dan has been talking to experts and has some answers to those questions. >>reporter: retired pg&e worker dan murphy says he has been to that same san bruno neighborhood checking out that same natural gas pipeline for leaks. >> i know what is under there because i did work on them. >>reporter: murphy describe that is 30 inch pipe high pressure line that brings
9:30 pm
natural gas from out of state and as the trunk of a tree. >> you take all of the lines that go to the different streets and they feed off of that. >>reporter: here's the view from the national pipeline mapping system. you can see the transmission line in green ringing the san bruno neighborhood site at last tonight blast. >> it is a terrible tragedy. it is sort of thing that probably should never have happened. >>reporter: pipeline safety consultant paul explains that most pipeline explosion occur when construction crew accidentally cut into a line. that's what happened in walnut creek in 2004 when 5 construction workers lost their lives. but there is another incident in which federal investigators concluded that pg&e was too slow responding to natural gas leak. the california p uc found utility did not qualify field service representatives on the use of gas detection equipment. it was christmas eve 2008 in rancho cordoba a blast destroyed a home killed one person and injured 5 others. that happened in the
9:31 pm
small distribution pipe. large transmission line have a better record. >> these pipe lines are exceedingly safe. >>reporter: he explains there is new technology to catch weakness or leak in the transmission pipe. the smart pipeline may be up to 15 feet long. >> pipeline has to be built designed and construct entered such a way that it is such a con trapping, such a large thing can pass through it. >>reporter: san bruno pipeline appears to have been built before the smart technology. chances are it wasn't used in san bruno but that's one of the questions to be answered along with the main one which reports from neighbors who smelled gas did pg&e fill to act quickly enough. >> somebody must not have again down there with a leak detector and kind of what you call chase it down. >>reporter: clearly that's the major part of the investigation. is it true that people there in san brawn 0complained about the leak and did pg&e respond?
9:32 pm
if you have any information on this topic any tips we should check out about the san bruno blast, contact us through abc 7 or call 1-888--40-i team. >> team from the national transportation safety board safety board ntsb in the bay area holding a briefing right now for the media we'll take you there to san brawn o. you are listening to christopher hart ntsb. >> the tore in charge standing next to me is if linda with massive degree in material sigh nens metal and some 35 years of experience in this business including 12 years at the ntsb and coincidentally about 20 years at pacific gas and electric before that. p so he will be in charge of the investigation and he led a meeting this afternoon to begin the investigative process and that began by forming working groups.
9:33 pm
working groups to look at various aspects of this accident starting with operation. looking at the history of this pipeline from the installation in 1956 through today the. they will be looking historically. >>reporter: okay that's christopher hart with the ntsb and keep in mind they are involved because they investigate pipeline accident that involve a fatality because a pipeline transports fuel around the nation. that's why the ntsb is involved and wonder what the connection is that's it. he's outlining some procedure live there in san bruno tonight as they begin the investigation in earnest. we will monitor the news conference. keep an eye on it if anything and pass along meadly we'll take you back there live or pass along what they have to say right away. >> from this point forward really begins the the rebuilding process of the people in san bruno who lost their homes. insurance company are already starting the claims process. money
9:34 pm
scope reporter david has that part of the story. >> if i'm calling to see if you are okay. >>reporter: insurance agent have been busy trying to contact their customers. most are showing up at mobile claim office, major insurer set up at san bruno city park. maria and jose started the pay him work at six this morning. hardest part is putting together a list of everything they own. >> going by memory it's agent tough and emotional. i know for my daughter she was drying because she lost her text book from college. she had just gotten her financial aid my book are gone. >>reporter: 4 bedroom home gone too. half block from the gas line explosion. insurance will help them build a new house but family photo are gone. >> memory. all the family f.when we have here in the united states because we come from mexico koyshtion agent will help them and other fire victim with temporary housing,
9:35 pm
housing, money for clothing and help with rebuilding. >> most people do rebuild where they are at and community like this where it is heavily congested and small area and we have seen a very tight knit group here of people. >>reporter: resident lost home valued in the half million to 1 million dollar range depending on coverage they end up with similar or upgraded homes such as what happened to oak land hills resident after the 1991 fire storm t.but the process will take time. >> it can vary. some people will be a little bit slower because working out details a little bit more and maybe you didn't start the process earlier as some people may have. just depends but roughly about a year. >>reporter: homeowner hospitalized or who are not yet ready to face the stressful situation and don't have to rush agent will be here wednesday and farmers has a staff of 60 standing by. in san bruin oshtion david, abc 7 money scope. >> and you will find some helpful tips for reporting a claim just click on see it on tv and again on our web site
9:36 pm
also information on how you can help those victims in san bruno if you will gentleman moving on for the time being. to some other news. young army specialist who run through enemy fire in afghanistan to rescue 2 wounded soldiers will get the medal of honor for his bravery. he will be the first living recipient of the award since the vietnam war. here's what happened n.october of 2007 in the valley here in surge interest ambush split the squad into 2 gruchlt he ran through gunfire to pull one soldier away. engage the enemy again when a wounded soldier was being pulled away. he killed one and wounded the other before tendingo the soldier. sadly brennan died the next day. he down plays what he did. he says he did what anyone warm front didn't. president obama phoned the soldier today to tell him he is seeing the nation highest
9:37 pm
honor. >> well it is a little lake trying to push the jeanie back in the bottle. pentagon trying to buy and destroy an entire first run of a memoir of the war in afghanistan. former officer anthony shafer got atravel in january to write this become but when defense intelligence agency saw operation dark heart in july the pentagon says it contained two00 pages of classified information. one big problem though 10,000 copies of the book had already been printed. in fact it sits at no. 7 on amazon best seller list. the users may not get the hand on the first edition. it's currently listed as not in stock at the we be site because the defense department is actively trying to buy the copies then destroy them. new edition scheduled to be published later this month. ruling declaring the military don't ask don't tell policy and growing momentum to end the nation ban on gay and lesbian serving openly in the military. the judge in southern california made that
9:38 pm
ruling yesterday. while the law is in effect until the judge waits to hear more the ruling is cause enough for celebration. here's john henry. >> recognizable. >>reporter: clark cooper got the news at dinner and gave old army battle crime i said that and it scared my host and hospital test. >>reporter: gay army captain was told a federal court in california ruled the pentagon don't ask don't tell policy unconstitutional. also executive director of log cabin republicans and his group that brought the suit to court. >> a lot of soldiers are actually born after 1980 or even 1990. they care the least. it is non-issue. >>reporter: judge issued and free speech clause and due process right as direct effect on the military. next two two weeks the court plans to issue an injunction to stop the pentagon from enforcing the law. >> i'll work with congress and military to repeal the law that deny gay mental to serve
9:39 pm
the country they love because of who they are. >>reporter: ruling could face years of appeals so cooper wants congress to repeal the law. >> don't ask don't tell was born in congress through legislation. it should die there. >>reporter: but repeal faces powerful opposition in congress. >> at this moment immense hardship for our armed services we should not be seeking to over turn the don't ask didn't tell policy. >> more than 13,000 troops have been dismissed under the 1994 policy. >> government is expected to challenge the ruling arguing the district court has no authority to issue a nationwide injunction until the issue the pentagon lawyer says don't ask don't tell is the law of the land and department of defense will enforce it. this is abc news washington. >>reporter: when we come back here the babies of nrechlt nine years ago children born after lasting their fathers in center. where ared trade
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b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baalaureate. correct. since this competition has beenontinuing for 48 hours and we have yet to elinate anyone, it is thdecision of this board to declare all 20 conttants winners. you have all comted admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announc ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for on $14.95 a month with select seices. &t. rethink possible.
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>> police chief in hercules is very disappointed it took so long to find the body of second murder victim in a home where another body found two weeks ago. body was discovered yesterday during a routine inspection by fbi crime lab agents. it was wrapped in plastic and hidden in a large closet. it is
9:43 pm
believed to be 35-year-old frederick solace, son of the man whose body was found in the home two weeks ago as i said. both believed to be victims of this man who was linked to 5 murders. he was shot to death by highway patrol the officers at the end of a high speed chase. >> iran today postponed the plan release of jailed hiker sarah shore of oak land. this news comes one day after iran announced she would be let go tomorrow. so far the iran not given official reason for the postponement but the chef prosecutors blames the delay on judicial procedures not been completed but no word specifically on what those procedures are. shore and 2 friends were arrested in july of 2009 accused of illegally crossing into iran and spying. they have not been formally charged. the news of course will be very disappointed to her family and those of the other if hikers as well. well, now to the children
9:44 pm
of 9/11. tomorrow is the nichbt anniversary of the terror attack and for the loved ones of the people who died in the disaster this is one of the hardest times of the year obviously. diane is checking in on various family over the years and here's a look at how they are doing. >> we first met them nine years ago and every murmur. every cry. reminder life goes on. it is often said babies look strongly like their dads when they are very young. hear they are. looking out with the father eyes. smiling the father smile. back then carolyn patrick with newborn jack. >> feels more real now that the baby is here. it is like-kind of pretty much reality in front of your face. >> carolyn was married to jim bond broker work on the 105 floor of tower 1 and loved the out doors. something carolyn says the son inhereed along with his father's eyes. two years after jack was old
9:45 pm
enough to talk on the home video. >> where disdaddy live. pishtion. >> moving on i think means about that we live our life to the fullest. >>reporter: jack so sure before now can fine the words. pichlt that's a girl. come on. >>reporter: thinks back 2001. there were www. her delivering robin named after her husband rob. >> some of the friends and family are still kind of catching on to what we have been through. which is kind of strange in a way. >>reporter: they still keep rob within reach rae miner all over the house. twin towers in the kitchen. the scrap
9:46 pm
book full of dad. >> before i good to bed after my mom leaves i just of think about him and makes me feel happy and safe and really helps me feel better. >>reporter: same goes for holly and shawn o'neal who is also named after her dad. she kept this photo of him on the nightstand since she was 2. >> usually i would sleep with this by my side pretending it was him and my mom and uses so special to me. >>reporter: morning the loss of someone she never knew and so-so hard to get a child head around that. >> nobody feels the same way i do. they say well my grandpa dade and that's not the same thing. >>reporter: still the same little girl that once he gave me a giant bear hug 4 years ago. getting stronger as they grow. carrying their dad and their faces and their hearts. 3q
9:47 pm
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9:50 pm
ironing. >> i still feel kind of weird. like i don't really know what happened. i know i touched the iron and next thing i know i just landed. >>reporter: and she landed halfway across the basement after the lightning strike apparently traveled through the house wiring into the iron and up her right arm. >> it was so painful. like it just felt like, i don't know if i got my hand on the iron. felt a jolt. like some shot through my arm into my neck an face and head. >>reporter: now she thinks she may have passed out briefly. cat scan found no major damage. doctors say that she should fully recover in time but for the time building she feels a little odd. big jolt. they told us when young don't wash your hand in the water during a lightning storm and done have a cordless phone get off the phone in the storm. >> no such problem in the bay area next few days. we have wonderful weather. spencer is back with the forecast.
9:51 pm
>> it is wonderful. before i show you how warm it is going to be show you how warm it was today. some of our high pressure mid 80's inland area. 85 morgan hill, san jose, jose, livermore, concord high of 86 and 85 and fairfield very, very warm weather. 73 was high in san francisco and tomorrow is going to be another warm day. high pressure in the upper 80's and in fact up to 90 at antioch. and monterey bay look for high of 82 and. >> and wonderful weekend coming our way and next week not so warm as the weekend and still pleasant with high in the upper 80's and mid upper 70's. 60 or so on the coast. be down about 10 degrees from that level by next friday but still pleasant weather. >> nothing to complain about. lovely thank you expense near let's go to at the time sports and baseball and giant in action. >> giants kind of struggle
9:52 pm
with the padres this year and in year past and this series is huge. right. they win last night. now tonight looking pretty good so far. jonathan sanchez pitched 5 shut out innings. gave up one hit and pulled from the game. he walked 7 batters. it is what happened after he left that decided the game. look at this. first place on the [ female announr ] we know jerry brown was mayor ooakland, but what were the results fact: brown promis to improve schools. but the droout rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found empyees paid for 22,000 hours... fact: brown promised to. but murders doubled, ming oakland the 4th most dangerous city inmerica. jerry brown.
9:53 pm
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úp p@ >> okay. coming up tonight at 11:00. amazing outpouring of support for victims of the san bruno fire. how the evacuee
9:55 pm
are doing and this second night after the big fire. and document pg&e filed today that says the cost of this blaze could exceed the 1 billion dollar insurance policy. those stories and a lot more for you coming up in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. collin has all the sports. >> giants. huge series. game 2. one last -- won last night. this is huge. last time i don't know thon sanchez faced the padres he basically guaranteed a giants win then he failed to back it up. no such talk tonight. first place like i said on the line. wedding reception above petco park. brian and brook die hard giants fans. in progress highlights courtesy comcast. struck out 4. hits at premium in part due to great defense. miguel stumble out of the box. juan and the out. scoreless game into the seventh. runners on the the corner. ground to third. relay to first. not in time. huff
9:56 pm
scores. padres complete the double play and inning over but nate aggressive slide. giants cling to the lead right now in the 9th inning. a's and red sox new lefty cramer kind of forcing the pose here if you ask me. first batter of the game is taylor deep to center. former red sox cocoa crisp give me that thing. bring it back. bottom half of the first. oakland get to clay and kurt to left. will bounce off the wall right there. chris scores from second. derek barton all the way from first 2 nothing oak land. next inning barton provides the offense. 5 nothing lead. that was plenty for trevor and improves 16 and 6. 5 nothing the final. firefighters appreciation night at the coliseum tomorrow. portion of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the american red cross to aid the victim of the san bruno fire. for more information go to our web site and giants have some similar
9:57 pm
function when they return home to face the dodgers on tuesday. great deal here from both teams. for complete information go to our web sit site. at this time has been 14 years since stanford beat ucla in pasadena that tells me they are long overdue. the play against the team struggling to fine an identity. new pistol offense formation did little last week. loss to kansas state by 9. meanwhile andrew luck looks every bit a heismann trophy candidate leading stanford attack. >> it isn't just another game. like you said always been a great little rivalry between ucla and stanford and rose bowl a special place to play no matter what game it is. ucla quality pac-10 opponent and we have our work cut out for us and should be a tough fight. >>reporter: as for cal they open pac-10 play kind of. colorado will be in berkeley tomorrow. buffalo members of the conference either next year or in 2012 and still yet to be determined. now
9:58 pm
regardless of affiliation the fch tougher test than uc davis. >> even though we put up 52 we still have a lot of area we need time proof. running game game, pass game all around. this week game is about big for us. colorado is a good team and they will come in hungry. >>reporter: colorado also 1 and o. in seattle on sunday. the new improved raiders being optimistic here n.nashville take on the titans. >> everybody has that itch and feel coming down and start the season off fast. come out and set the pace for the year. >> this is a team that has so much turmoil off the field the that if talent on the field overlooked we understand that though. we are not overlooking anybody. we understand this is a good football team coming in here. >>reporter: the got to think positive. top seeded caroline upset in straight set today at the u.s. open. him if advance
9:59 pm
to second straight grand slam final here and serena williams right there. the other day semifinal sister venus taking on kim 119 miles per hour coming right at you. she takes the first set 6-4. the second set here and tie breaker and leading in the third back hand winner down the line game set match about. she is on to the final. to golf. second round play. championship. former cal stand out charlie has positioned himself on top the lead every board. birdie on 17. minus 6. mat battling laryngitis. take a seat. if felt better as the round went on. on 12 a putt and joins and tiger woods struggling 1 over 72 9 shot back of that. >> still struggling thanks. >> that's this edition of 7 news. and thth

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